About the SILK500S

History of SILK

SILK was formed in the UK in 1970 to manufacture motorcycle components.

SILK took this the next step by developing and manufacturing the ‘Silk 700S’ sports motorcycle which was well known as a having a simple and reliable engine that was well balanced, maneuverable and punched well above it’s weight amongst it’s peers.

The clever use of gearing and attention to detail meant that the ‘SILK 700S’ was so good it was forced to compete against bikes above it’s class in order to find competition.

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SILK 500S motor bike

A Natural Progression

When the company diversified into the design and manufacture of onsite portable machines many of the principals that made the ‘SILK 700S’ great, it’s ruggedness, balance and gearing were continued.

A range of portable machines focused initially around flange facers and later drilling, milling and journal turning machines followed over the years.

SILK Today

While the original machines designs are still present, SILK’s engineers and technicians continually review the effectiveness, maintainability and safety of the silk machines.

With the rapidly increasing costs associated with raw products in a post covid world SILK’s engineers and technicians are once again reviewing the designs to keep manufacturing costs down, while maintaining the quality and rugged nature of the machines.

Furthermore SILK’s engineers use the expertise in machine design to meet specific custom designs to meet the needs of a global customer base.