Flange Bolt Cutting Machine

A large oil and gas refinery asked TEAM® to design a solution for an upcoming turnaround. The turnaround required several joints to be de-torqued from a section of plant that was known to have ceased or difficult to remove bolts. The customer wanted a “hot work free” solution for a range of flange sizes in order to expedite these critical path activities. TEAM® designed the ‘Flange Bolt Cutting Machine – FBC 120’, that allows a quick set up time on a range of flanges.

The ‘FBC 120’ can cut through bolts at the joint, or the whole nut and bolt assembly on the flange face. The flange bolt cutter is so efficient that a 2” bolt can be severed in approximately 3 minutes whereas one stuck bolt can take hours to free. The ‘FBC 120’ flange bolt cutting machine is an externally mounted cold cutting saw, designed to provide a fast and safe alternative solution to removing ceased bolts from flanges with an adjustable guard to keep the user safe.