AX0-24 External Mounted Flange Facer

The AX0-24 Rotary Machining Centre is a larger version of the AXL0-12 and has a maximum clamping capacity of  24" (609.6mm) .

Machine Features:

+ Range 0” to 24” (0mm to 609.6mm)

+ Proven durability over many decades

+ Automatic feed

+ Ergonomically designed

+ Quick set-up

PART No. FMG55-599-000183

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The AX0-24 Rotary Machining Centre is a larger version of the AXL0-12 and has a maximum clamping capacity of 609.6mm (24"). It has an eight independent jaw clamping arrangement and is driven by a 1.6kW (2.1hp) high torque pneumatic motor, supplied either straight or right-angled. The two continuous, automatic feeds offer a fine and a coarse surface finish.

Like its smaller brothers, these precision tools have a host of interchangeable “Bolt-On” extras covering almost any machining operation offered in a conventional machine shop. This flexibility provides a highly cost effective solution to field machining applications, saving both time and money.


Facing Range
Minimum Diameter0mm0"
Maximum Diameter609.6mm24"
Clamping Range
Minimum Diameter333mm4"
Maximum Diameter565mm22.75"
Technical Details
Toolpost Travel70mm2.75"
Recommended Air Supply6Bar @ 1.8m3/min 87psi @ 64cfm
Noise Emission (Sound Power Level)101dB(A)
Feed Rates/Position
Machine Weight176kg387lbs
Transportation Weight195kg430lbs
Transportation Dimensions
1105mm / 43.5”860mm / 34”505mm / 20"
Optional Extras
V-Groove Machining Kit Part No.:KIT01-599-000080
V-Groove Measuring Kit Part No.:FMG55-599-000458
Hub Profile Kit Part No.:FMG55-599-000459
Lens Ring Machining Kit Part No.:KIT01-599-000081
Compact Flange Machining Kit Part No.:KIT01-599-000134
2 Years Recommended Spares Kit Part No.:KIT01-599-000002
TEAM® Toolkit Part No.:KIT01-599-000130
TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit (PSU) Part No.:KIT01-599-000132

Optional Extras

Kit – 2 Years Recommended Spares Kit AX0-24
pneumatic safety unit with stop switch
Kit – SILK Pneumatic Safety Unit
Kit – Compact Flange Machining Kit AX0-24
Kit – V-Groove Measuring Kit AXL0-12 & AX0-24
Kit – Lens Ring Machining Kit AX0-24
kit team toolkit
Kit – SILK Toolkit
KIT - AXL012 Hub Profile
Kit – Hub Profile Kit AX0-24