Kit – SILK Common Gearbox – CP2003

Our revamped common gearbox, featured in four of our standard machines, ushers in a new era of enhanced performance and sleek aesthetics.

The new gearbox is fully backward compatible - if you have an older machine in need of a refresh, simply order our new CP 2003 gearbox, and you can bolt it straight onto your existing machine.

These machines mark the beginning of a new chapter, as we're not only focusing on innovation for new products but also revisiting and enhancing older models.

PART No. KIT01-599-000020

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Compatible Machines:

+ FXB 6-30

+ FP 14-45

+ SX 24-60

+ SX 28-72

+ AX 48-96

+ AX 48-120

+ FFI 48-150

+ AX 48-180

Transportation Dimensions
Transportation Dimensions245mm / 9.64"160mm / 6.30"105mm / 4.13"
Mass8 Kg17.6 lbs
Feed Gear Ratio
Direction 1Direction 2

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