Kit – V-Groove Machining Kit AXL0-12

Suitable for the AXL0-12 this 'V-Groove Machining Kit' is designed to be used with the existing ‘D-Section / Toolpost’ to machine an initial groove, before replacing with the 'V-Groove Machining Kit' and using the Pre-set seat angle of 23º to machine both sides of the desired groove as required.

The kit consists of a pre-set toolpost located in 2 positions for single point machining of the grooves as required.

PART No. FMG55-599-000448

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Machining kits are designed to replace the existing 'D-Section' or saddle arrangement in the standard rotary machining centres.

These kits have the same bolting configuration for easy replacement and set-up

Standard 'D-Section' covers the range of flat and raised face flanges.

Additional machine kits are used for refurbishing seal faces such as Ring Type Joints (RTJ), Lens ring and Hub profile flanges

Transportation Dimensions
Transportation Dimensions330mm / 12.99"220mm / 8.66"150mm / 5.9"
Mass5 Kg11 lbs