TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit (PSU)

Like its predecessors the TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit (PSU) provides an inline air filtering and lubrication function to efficiently operate your pneumatic machinery. However, the TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit has been purposely designed with safety in mind to reduce the chance of accidents occurring while carrying out any machining operation.

Plant Air Loss Emergency Stop

If there is a temporary loss of compressed air, the TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit will detect it and go into the E-Stop state. This will ensure the air supply is locked off, preventing reactivation, whilst simultaneously dumping air and stopping the machine almost instantly.
When the compressed air supply is reintroduced, the TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit remains in its locked off state meaning that the machine will not automatically restart. The operator must manually restart the machine once they are in a safe position to do so.

Remote E-Stop


The TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit is supplied, as standard, with a remote and quick to connect E-Stop sub-assembly, complete with magnetic base. This always allows the operator to locate the E-stop within easy reach and enables the machine to be stopped almost instantly once depressed.

Foot Pedal or Deadman’s Handle


Optional extra’s for the TEAM® Pneumatic Safety Unit are the Deadman’s Handle or the Foot Pedal. Both items are mounted at the end of a 2m umbilical and work in conjunction with the Remote E-stop. Both Foot Pedal and Deadman’s handle must be held or depressed by the operator for the machine to operate and will fail-to-safe and cut the air supply if released.

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